Home Video -How Did @Odablock LOSE 80B…FAST | Specs Scammed Nonetheless He Missed THIS...

[Lose]-How Did @Odablock LOSE 80B…FAST | Specs Scammed Nonetheless He Missed THIS | OldSchool Runescape (OSRS)

[Lose]-How Did @Odablock LOSE 80B…FAST | Specs Scammed Nonetheless He Missed THIS | OldSchool Runescape (OSRS)

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  1. EVERYONE PLEASE REPORT that participant “Too Important Bulk” and each and each ranked participant in those dming cc's. Those cc's are selling RWT in their discord (BUYING and SELLING) and perchance are all taking part (ranks) in RWT. DO NOT SUPPORT A SELF-RUN OPERATION FOR THEIR PERSONAL GAIN. please love this comment and unfold the strategies. Thanks. In no device am i telling someone strategies on how to play the sport or how they must peaceable exercise their GP but backside line is, The cc is exploiting the neighborhood to construct a earnings. And in my idea I will now no longer add to that.

  2. 6:09 Holy fuck that man is the largest SIMP alive. “That turn into factual defective RNG” Misclicking and sweating profusely, panicking love crazy. Don't gain me inferior, infernal cape is fucking exhausting to learn, but that dude is a straight-up SIMP.

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