Home Video -5 Minute Home Workout To Lose Weight: Mini Band Arms Exercises

[Lose]-5 Minute Home Workout To Lose Weight: Mini Band Arms Exercises

[Lose]-5 Minute Home Workout To Lose Weight: Mini Band Arms Exercises

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Try this 5 Minute Home Workout To Lose Weight using Mini Band Greater Body Exercises from BJ Gaddour, old Males’s Well being fitness director!

Mini-Band Advanced (Band Around Wrists)- Rotund Body Workout

Invent each cross for 30 seconds with shrimp to no rest between moves:

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1. Dangle Walkouts
2. Pushup Walkouts
3. Squat ISO
4. Linear Plank Journey
5. Bent-Over Rows
6. Lateral Plank Journey
7. Overhead Destroy up Squats – Left
8. Overhead Destroy up Squats – Staunch
9. Switching Staggered Pushups
10. Reaching Destroy up Jumps

That’s 1 spherical that takes 5 minutes to total. Invent 3-5 complete rounds, resting a minute between rounds.

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